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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Student Clubs - MBA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many opportunities to get involved at Darden! Our staff is here to help if you have any questions about navigating clubs or student life.

You are welcome to contact us with any question not addressed in this FAQ.

Have questions about clubs?

  • I am interested in learning more about student clubs at Darden. Where do I start?

    Darden has over 50 student-led clubs. From industry clubs to general interest clubs, Darden has a lot to offer. Explore our clubs on the Darden Culture & Community page. At the bottom of the page, there are clubs divided into categories. Expand the drop-down menu to explore the many options. If you would like to contact a specific club, you can send an email to the club’s general email address (ex. to contact Consulting Club you can email if you have specific questions.

  • When can I join a club?

    You will not be able to officially join a club until August, but for many clubs, there are opportunities to participate in their programming before you arrive at Darden. If you are interested in learning more about a specific club, use the Darden Culture & Community page to find more information about each club.

  • How do I join a club?

    In August, you will have the opportunity to formally join clubs through the Club Fair. The Club Fair is a wonderful way to meet and speak to the leadership and members of the clubs. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions and determine your level of interest in a club. The Club Fair occurs one evening during the first week of classes. An email to students from DSA vice president of leadership and/or the Office of Student Affairs will confirm the time and location of the Club Fair. 

    After the Club Fair, you will receive a schedule of club kick-off meetings, which will take place the first two weeks of school. These meetings will allow the leadership of each club to provide you with greater insight into what their club is about and has planned for the year. It is during these meetings that clubs will also discuss the cost of joining their club (also known as dues). The clubs set dues themselves and can range from $10.00 - $50.00 depending on how much the club has planned for the year. There are also clubs that have no dues (more on that below). In late August, after all club kick-off meetings have concluded, DSA will conduct club sign ups (through an online process). It is during this time that you will be able to opt into clubs you would like to join.

  • Are there clubs that do not charge dues?

    Several clubs do not charge dues. The four career clubs (Consulting Club, Finance Club, Marketing and General Management Club (MGM), and Darden Technology Club), Global Business and Culture Club and Graduate Women in Business do not typically charge dues, in addition to our Student-Led Initiatives.

    Attend club kick-off meetings the first week of classes to learn more.

  • What happens if I choose not to formally join a club? Will I still receive information about their events and programming?

    Yes and no. The Darden Student Affairs Calendar on the Darden Student Portal is a valuable resource during your time at Darden. Any student programming will appear throughout the year on this calendar. Having access to this calendar will allow you to view any event taking place on any given day throughout the school year. There is also the Darden Digest that once signed up for, you will get weekly notification of all things happening at Darden that week. All events detailed on the Darden Student Affairs Calendar and in the Darden Digest will provide a designation as to whether an event is “open to all” or “members only.” For members only events, if you are not a member you will either not be able to attend the programming or you might have to pay a participation fee. Non-members are also not typically included on the club distribution lists. If you have questions about a specific club, reach out to them. They welcome your questions! 

  • What is the governing body for all student clubs?

    The Darden Student Association (DSA) is the formal governing body for all Darden Students and the student clubs. You can learn more about DSA here. The DSA vice president of leadership is the student leader responsible for leading clubs. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) advises both DSA and student club leaders. Contact DSA or OSA if you have general club questions or want to discuss something regarding DSA or a club.

    On the OSA team, Katie Manning and Eva Blau serve as advisors to all clubs in collaboration with their colleagues Christie Julien (advises a number of affinity clubs and DSA vice president of diversity) and Larry Mueller (advises international clubs and DSA vice president of international). Please reach out to any of us with questions.

  • What if I want to start a club?

    With close to 60 student clubs at Darden, we feel confident that if you look you will find something that suits your interest. If you cannot find a club that suits your interest after exploring current offerings, you can reach out to Katie Manning, in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for more information. Please note that students are only eligible to start new provisional clubs in the spring of their first year or fall of their second year.