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Open Programs

Short programs for the long game.

To lead is to know the world's current and future expectations of business, boasting an adaptable mindset that outpaces change itself.

A forum for lifelong learners, our open programs distill the future-proofed intensity of the Darden experience to as short as a week, and as long as your curiosity decides. With a diverse registrar designed to create and expand new and existing capabilities, open programs are available throughout the year.

Offering comprehensive courses in leadership, strategy, innovation and more, Darden open programs couple a truly academic environment with real world applications to produce near- and long-term impact.

Available Programs

Below is a list of our available open programs by category. Download a PDF of our upcoming program schedule or visit our Find Your Program page to search by your program needs.

Live Virtual Live Virtual Online Online In person In-Person

Where You'll Learn

How You'll Learn

  • In Person


    In our halls, you'll be exposed to an intimate, peer-driven learning experience that gives leaders a head start on their full potential. Every interaction is a chance to stretch perspectives and another opportunity to learn.

  • Digital


    The world’s best education experience allows working professionals to sharpen their comprehension online, synthesizing a modern, a la carte learning model with the traditonal Darden approach.

  • Hybrid


    Hybrid programs meet the needs of learners near and far, developing a combination of interactive simulations and in-person discussions to provide touchpoints for a collaborative classroom experience that won't disrupt the office workflow.

What Makes a Modern Global Leader?

Modern Global Leader

Change happens. And to succeed, organizational leaders must face it head on, able to take on several different roles to remain agile and resilient. Through our Modern Global Leader approach, industry leaders train for the volatility that propels the international economy, nurturing the stamina and imagination required to navigate it.

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