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Advisory Groups

Darden continuously strives to improve the student experience through collaboration between faculty, staff and students. We have several student advisory groups which provide a forum for dialogue, feedback and proactive initiative throughout the year. A list of current advisory groups is as follows:

Career Development Center International Student Advisory Group (CIAG)

This advisory group works with The Career Center to achieve international students’ recruitment objectives and acts as a forum for periodic interactions and formalized feedback between The Career Center and Affinity Clubs.

Darden Student Technology Advisory Board (DSTAB)

The Darden Student Technology Advisory Board is a student-led group that works with the Darden’s IT department to address the technology concerns of the student body.

International Student Advisory Group (ISAG)

The International Student Advisory Group advises the Office of Student Affairs on issues related to the F-1 student visa program and international student life. Membership is composed of First Year and Second Year students elected by their sections.

MBA Program Advisory Committee

The MBA Program Advisory Committee meets once a quarter to discuss the MBA program experience, make recommendations and provide feedback to the MBA Program Committee, the governing body for the MBA program. The student portion of the Committee also meets, irregularly, as requested by faculty and administration, to review curriculum innovation and provide student input and perspective as needed.

Student Affairs Advisory Group (SAAG)

The Student Affairs Advisory Group serves as a discussion forum for students and OSA staff, information from which is shared with MBA Program faculty leaders. The group exists to bring forth opportunities and concerns arising from the continual pursuit of excellence in MBA program education. The group also provides support and constructive feedback for efforts geared to improve the student life experience.

Darden Prize for Club Excellence Committee

The Darden Prize for Club Excellence Committee is designed to both hold student clubs accountable for results, while also recognize and reward clubs that do an exceptional job in serving their members and the Darden community as a whole. By providing and coordinating an annual award, whereby the most outstanding clubs are identified, the DSA-led committee strives to enhance the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement within Darden student clubs and publicly reward excellence in student service to the university community.

Diversity Student Advisory Group

The Diversity Student Advisory Group exists to advance cultural intelligence and sensitivity in the greater Darden Community. The group will serve as a sounding board for current issues, provide a venue for challenges to be heard and examined, and empower students to create educational programming to improve the Darden climate.