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Partnership for Leaders in Education

Partnership for Leaders in Education

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Empowering Leaders to Ignite System ​and School Change​

The Partnership for Leaders in Education (UVA-PLE) is a unique joint venture between the highly ranked University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and School of Education and Human Development.

UVA-PLE merges cutting-edge leadership development and evidence-based educational strategies to elevate the quality of education and life outcomes for students across the nation.

Advancing Leadership at Every Level

At UVA-PLE, we believe that transformative change starts with inspired and empowered leaders. Our partnerships are designed to foster growth and engagement among leaders at all system levels. Our signature Core Partnership program provides a tailored, multi-year journey, built to ignite change and address your community's unique educational needs.

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We utilize research-backed strategies to strengthen leadership capabilities across your entire system, consistently aiming to enhance student learning and opportunities. By fostering growth in leadership practices and capacity, we help you achieve sustainable progress that continues to inspire and transform long after our partnership.

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UVA-PLE Has Reignited Leadership and Transformed Education Systems In Over:


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What sets the UVA-PLE Core Partnership apart?

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Embark on a transformative leadership path

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