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Student-Led Initiatives

Darden's Student-Led Initiatives partner with the Office of Student Affairs to move the needle on an important issue/cause pertaining to the Darden Community. These initiatives aim to foster dialogue, community, and a sense of belonging for all Darden students.

Humans of Darden

Humans of Darden's mission is to forge new and stronger connections among all students in Darden's diverse community by providing opportunities to genuinely get to know one another through small group interactions. Programming includes but is not limited to Dinner Club, First Coffee Chats, Game Nights, Special Events (each semester), and Diaries on Instagram @humansofdarden.

Darden Resilience Initiative

The Darden Resilience Initiative is a student-led organization whose mission is to help Darden students reset, recharge, and build a deeper understanding and skill set around resilience. Resilience can be defined as having the confidence to overcome moments of adversity or failure to continue achieving success in life.

Resilience organizes a wide range of on and off Grounds events including day-long retreats, yoga classes, career panels, and meditation workshops taught by certified professionals in the Charlottesville and UVA community to provide students with the opportunity to practice stress and anxiety management in healthy ways.

Darden Stories

Darden Stories brings members from across the Darden community together to listen and/or share intimate stories in order to encourage vulnerability and deep connections. There is no agenda, no dues, just a chance to tune into one another, recognize the humanness and share the experiences, people and places that have shaped us to be who we are.

First-Generation and Low Income (FGLI) College Student Initiative

The First-Generation and Low Income (FGLI) College Student Initiative's mission is to foster community and a sense of belonging among first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) college students at Darden. Through programming, events, and partnership with other student groups, we provide resources specific to the FGLI experience and help elevate the voice of first-gen and low-income students at Darden.

Social Refresh Initiative

The Social Refresh Initiative, previously known as the Sobriety Initiative, offers Darden students opportunities to connect through alcohol-free social experiences. Recognizing that many students may feel left out or pressured by the dominant social activities, this initiative aims to create a community for those who prefer not to consume alcohol or who seek more alcohol-free activities. Its main goals are to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the student body by promoting and hosting alcohol-free events, either independently or in collaboration with other clubs.

SWOT (School Was Outstanding Today)

A result of an initiative conceived by a Design Thinking Class, the SWOT Team is a student-led group of second year Darden students whose mission is "to spontaneously and creatively encourage first year students."