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What Are You Passionate About?

The Darden School’s numerous student organizations work together to provide a complete and well-rounded experience to Darden students. They enhance and integrate students’ academic, social, cultural and professional lives by:

  • Providing career support and preparation
  • Organizing social, cultural and academic events
  • Liaising with the professional and alumni communities
  • Promoting dialogue and learning through speakers and conferences
  • Interacting with and supporting the local Charlottesville community
  • Applying leadership lessons and concepts outside of the classroom

Darden student organizations are exclusively student-run. They are supported and encouraged by the Office of Student Affairs and the Club Prize for Excellence.

The officers of these organizations welcome your questions.

Darden PREP (Prison Reentry Education Program)

Darden PREP (Prison Reentry Education Program)

Resilience Education | Darden PREP is a second-year MBA volunteer program (credit optional), where MBA students are trained to deliver business school level coursework to incarcerated individuals. The program is designed to empower incarcerated individuals through business training, facilitate connections with potential employers, and foster meaningful dialogue on post-incarceration employment solutions.

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