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Office of Student Affairs

Our mission and philosophy is one of integrative learning: developing complete leaders through a blend of challenge and support across the classroom, co-curricular, social and interpersonal environments.


About the Office of Student Affairs

Meet the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) team! Student Affairs has six dedicated team members. Find us in our office located next to the student mailbox area on the first floor of Saunders Hall.

Sarah Elliott 
Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs & Student Engagement  

Edward Warwick 
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs 

Carris Britton
Student Affairs Administrator

Katie Manning
Associate Director of Student Affairs

Eva Blau
Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Joshua Young
Student Affairs Coordinator


Information & Support


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides advising services for students, including: 

  • Confidential coaching and counseling support for students experiencing personal challenges during their tenure at Darden 
  • Academic advising resources for students seeking clarification of Darden’s grading system and academic standards
  • Assisting students in identifying co-curricular activities to advance personal goals and career interests 
  • Working closely with students who are experiencing academic difficulty by helping them develop an action plan for improvement, and discussing additional resources, including tutoring


The MBA and Executive MBA clubs at Darden provide educational, social and career opportunities as well as hands-on leadership and management experience for the club officers. More than 40 student clubs offer co-curricular programs, and students can choose which clubs appeal to their personal needs and interests. Membership and participation in clubs is a vital part of the Darden experience.

International Students

Student Affairs works with the UVA International Studies Office (ISO) to provide a support network for academic and social needs for international students studying at Darden. OSA develops programs and initiatives, and these events and activities enrich the international students’ experience at Darden, including cultural celebrations, the International Food Festival in September, Plus One Day, the International Thanksgiving Dinner in November, and more throughout the year.

Partners and Families

The OSA team strives to extend our support beyond the walls of Darden to include students’ partners and families. You’ll find the Darden community is a welcoming and caring place for both students and their families. A great resource for partners and family members is the Darden Partners Association (DPA). The DPA, in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs, organizes various group, family and community events throughout the year.

Current Students

Once in Charlottesville, our current students have access to a wealth of resources available on the Darden MBA Student Portal.

Student Clubs

OSA works with a variety of student clubs to provide a complete and well-rounded experience to Darden students.