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Dual Degrees

Darden offers several dual degree programs in connection with other schools and departments at the University of Virginia. These joint degree programs are designed to enhance the educational experience beyond what could be achieved if the two degrees were pursued independently.


Admission to all dual degree programs requires acceptance to both Darden and the participating program through each school's normal admissions process. Once admitted to both programs, the student must submit an additional application and be accepted for the dual degree program by the respective program committee. Dual degree programs are only offered between schools and departments at the University of Virginia and are only available in combination with Darden's full-time MBA program. If you have Darden admissions-related questions, please contact Merav Frazier.

Curriculum Requirements

Students in dual degree programs must complete the Darden First Year program and 22.5 hours of electives for a combined 52.5 credits (instead of the normal 60 credits) at the Darden School in addition to the requisite coursework for the participating program. Additional curriculum requirements are noted in the individual program descriptions below. Receipt of the MBA degree is contingent on receipt of the respective non-MBA degree, and financial aid and grading standards are based on the program of enrollment. Students must coordinate with both schools to ensure that all requirements of the dual degree are met. Each dual degree program has a designated faculty advisor at the respective school.

*The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only.  The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at http://records.ureg.virginia.edu/index.php.


    Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Data Science

    Darden offers a combined program with the University of Virginia School of Data Science that grants a Master of Data Science degree and an MBA degree in 24 months, instead of the 32 months that would be required if each degree were pursued independently. This program combines the School of Data Science’s action-oriented 11-month curriculum with Darden's "best education experience in the U.S." (The Economist, 2011-2019). Students who pursue this dual degree will become coveted hires and indispensable leaders in a variety of fields, including consulting, finance, and technology.

    Students in the dual degree program will begin their coursework in July of their enrollment year. Over the summer, they will take 9 credits of Data Science coursework (3 credits online starting in June, and 6 credit hours in-person starting in July). During the first year, they will be enrolled in the full Darden School of Business First Year curriculum, as well as some continued coursework at the School of Data Science. In their second year, they will be taking classes at both Darden and the School of Data Science and will graduate from both programs in May with their MBA cohort.

    Dual-degree students may be eligible for a 24-month OPT STEM extension.

    View the recent MBA/MSDS webinar (recorded December 2019). A panel of current MBA/MSDS students discuss program timing, format, student experience and other frequently asked questions. 

    Contact Information
    Darden Admission: Merav Frazier

    School of Data Science Admission: Patti Edson

    For additional information, please visit UVA Data Science


    Master of Business Administration/School of Advanced International Studies Master of Arts

    Darden offers a partnership with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) that allows students to earn an MBA and a SAIS Master of Arts in 3 years instead of the four years that would be required if a student complete each degree sequentially.

    This unique partnership provides students an opportunity to develop expertise in two distinct, but related, fields, expanding professional opportunities not only for the next job, but for an entire career. Students will also be able to harness two powerful alumni networks as well as career service professionals at both institutions.

    Participants will complete three semesters at each school, and the program offers a flexible sequencing to accommodate a variety of schedules and interests. Students can complete their first year at Darden or SAIS, their second year at the other school and in their third year spend a semester at each institution.

    MBA classes will take place at Darden’s full-time MBA program in Charlottesville, Virginia. The SAIS portion of the program can be completed at the school’s Washington, D.C., campus or a combination of its D.C. and SAIS Europe campus in Bologna, Italy.

    Admissions Process

    Applicants will apply to both schools separately, and must be accepted by both institutions to participate in the program. Applicants can apply to both schools simultaneously or to the other school during their first academic year at either school once matriculated.

    If applying to both schools simultaneously, students will defer one school for a year or a year and a half. Students will present each school with their sequence plan, and any changes to the plan must be submitted to and approved by both schools.

    Tuition & Financial Aid

    Requests for financial aid should be made to each school separately and processed according to each school's own aid policy. Tuition is paid to each school separately for the semesters studied.


    Please email:

    Darden Admissions at darden@virginia.edu

    Johns Hopkins SAIS Admissions at  sais.dc.admissions@jhu.edu

  • MBA/JD

    Darden offers a combined program with the University of Virginia School of Law that grants a JD degree and an MBA degree in four years, instead of the five that would be required if each degree were pursued independently.

    Students are required to secure admission separately to the Darden School and the School of Law through the normal admissions processes of the two schools. The applicant will be held to the same standards as any other applicant, and the fact that s/he is a candidate for the dual-degree program will not be considered in the admissions process. Application may be made prior to entrance, prior to starting the third year of Law, or prior to starting the second year of Darden. No students are admitted to the dual-degree program after this time. Students who have been admitted to both schools and who wish to undertake the dual-degree program should notify the registrar of each school and apply to the faculty advisors for permission to do so. Admission requires approval of both the School of Law and the Darden School faculty advisors.

    The Law School faculty advisor is Professor George Geis. Visit the Law School's JD/MBA Program page for further details and program checklist


    For more information on the student experience, program format and admissions tips, view this webinar, recorded November 2019.

    Tuition & Fees

    During the first three years of the program, students will pay one full year of Darden School tuition (when enrolled in the full-time First Year curriculum at the Darden School) and two full years of Law School tuition. During the fourth and final year of the program, students will pay one semester of tuition to the Law School and one semester of tuition to the Darden School.

    Financial Aid

    Financial aid will be provided by the school to which the student is paying tuition during each semester. Financial aid is not guaranteed and is subject to individual school and University availability and regulations.


    Prospective students with additional questions about the MBA/JD program can contact a current student.

    For more information on the School of Law, contact:

    Cordel Faulk 
    Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer 
    School of Law 
    University of Virginia 

      • MBA/MD

        Darden offers a combined program with the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia. The objective of the MBA/MD program is to educate a small number of students who will become national leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship in the health care sector, ranging from the development and diffusion of new products to the management of health care delivery systems.

        Medical students in their third year can apply to Darden, and if accepted, must complete all requirements for the MD degree and 52.5 credit hours of course work at Darden, including the entire First Year program. The combined degree will generally require five years including summers to complete.


        For more information on the School of Medicine, contact:

        Dr. Meg Keeley
        Associate Dean for Student Affairs 
        School of Medicine 
        University of Virginia 

      • MBA/MEd

        MBA/MEd in Innovation in Education Reform

        Few roles in society provide the reach that educators have into, quite literally, millions of lives. But as the problems in the U.S. and other global education systems mount, they know that more needs to be done to make their reach effective.

        The Curry School of Education and the Darden School of Business are partnering for a new MBA/MEd degree designed for the next generation of leaders — those who will transform education in the United States and around the world. Dual-degree graduates will use their knowledge of the value of human capital, the importance of data-driven decisions and the necessity for measuring meaningful outcomes to improve education effectiveness, drive change in education policy, lead innovation in education technology and more.

        The typical length of study is two years (including full-time summers, coursework, proseminar/online courses, and internships), beginning at Curry during the summer prior to starting the Darden MBA program.

        We anticipate that — among many other possibilities — our graduates will go on to work in large, urban school districts, charter schools, education non-profits and for-profits, in education policy, as educational consultants, educational technology specialists or as education-focused entrepreneurs.

        For more information, visit the following resources:


        Ed Freeman 
        Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration 
        Academic Director, Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics  
        Darden School of Business 
        University of Virginia

        Matthew Wheelock 
        Associate Professor of Education; Innovation Program Area Director
        Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education
        Curry School of Education
        University of Virginia 

      • MBA/MPP

        The Darden School of Business and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia offer the MBA/MPP dual degree. A student who wishes to be admitted into the dual degree program must apply to each school separately and be admitted to both the Darden School and the Batten School through the normal admissions processes of each school. The program takes three years (six semesters) to complete: the First Year program of each school, followed by one year of coursework taken from the curricula of the two schools. The MBA/MPP coursework also may include courses from other graduate offerings at the University.

        Visit the Batten School’s MBA/MPP degree page for further details.


        For more information on the Batten School, contact:

        Jeff Chidester
        Executive Director of External Affairs
        Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy 
        University of Virginia 

      • MBA/MPH

        Darden and the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia offer the MBA/MPH dual degree. Students who combine their MBA and MPH degrees will have the opportunity to work with faculty from the Darden Business School, Department of Public Health Sciences and School of Medicine to focus on the management of health-care-related businesses and models for addressing health. Foci can include health care delivery systems, biotechnology, medical devices, translational research, health policy, and regulation.

        Students must complete all requirements for the MPH degree and 52.5 credit hours of course work at Darden, including the entire First Year program. The combined degree will generally require three years, including two summers to complete.


        For more information on the Department of Public Health Sciences, contact:

        Ruth Gaare Berheim, JD, MPH
        Director, MPH Program 
        University of Virginia 

      • MBA/MA

        MBA/MA in East Asian Studies

        The MBA/MA in East Asian Studies combines the analysis, decision-making, and managerial concepts and techniques taught at the Darden School with intensive language and area studies in East Asia, primarily Japan and China.

        Students may obtain both the MBA degree and the MA degree in East Asian Studies in three academic years and two summers. The summer and fall semester of the third year will be spent in a field internship in an East Asian location, where students will improve their language skills and gain exposure to the Asian country’s business practices.


        For more information on the MA in East Asian Studies, contact:

        Dorothy Wong
        Director, East Asia Center 
        University of Virginia 


        MBA/MA in Government or Foreign Affairs

        Darden and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia offer the dual degree of a MBA/MA in Government or Foreign Affairs. This dual degree meets the growing need for managers to obtain expertise in comparative government, international relations, political risk assessment and public administration in combination with the business concepts and techniques taught at Darden.


        For more information on the MA in Government or Foreign Affairs, contact:

        Philip Potter
        Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 
        Department of Politics 
        University of Virginia 

      • MBA/ME

        Darden and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Virginia offer the MBA/ME dual degree.

        The objective of this program is to prepare individuals for leadership positions in technologically intensive organizations. The MBA portion provides an understanding of the fundamental areas of business and develops the capacity to analyze managerial problems and present resourceful solutions, while the ME portion increases the student’s knowledge and understanding in a specific field of engineering or applied science.

        The MBA/ME dual degree is obtained in approximately one semester less than the time required for the two degrees separately.


        For more information on the ME program, contact:

        Iva Gillet 
        SEAS Graduate Admissions 
        UVA Engineering 

      • MBA/PhD

        The MBA/PhD dual degree is administered by the director of the Doctoral program. It is a five-year program, and interested students should apply directly to the MBA Office of Admissions. This program allows students to attend the entire First Year of Darden’s MBA program and then go directly into doctoral work. Andy Wicks is the Director of the PhD program. Please visit Darden’s PhD web page for additional information.