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Employer Assistance

Employer Tuition Assistance, Reimbursement, and Sponsorships

Employer tuition assistance, employer reimbursement, and employer sponsorships are when your employer agrees to pay all or part of your educational costs while attending the program.  This can include tuition and fees, living expenses, books, health insurance and other expenses.  This does not include being reimbursed by your company only if you return after graduation from the program.

Please note that neither the Darden School of Business nor the University of Virginia can provide you or your employer with information about how educational benefits are treated for tax purposes.

Payment Methods

Third-Party Billing Contracts

If your employer plans to send educational payments to the University of Virginia at the beginning of each semester, you may establish a third-party billing contract between the University and your employer. This allows the University to send an invoice for your tuition and fees directly to your employer. View a sample authorization letter form.

To set up a third-party billing contract:

  1. Have the request printed on company letterhead and addressed to the contact listed below
  2. Include student name and UVA ID (or last four of SSN for government agencies)
  3. Indicate the start and end date of the sponsorship
  4. Specify tuition and fees your organization will cover
  5. Indicate the maximum amount that will be paid, if applicable
  6. Include any special billing instructions
  7. Include the complete billing address of your organization, include a primary contact name, email address, phone, and fax numbers
  8. Submit this form 30 days prior to classes starting

Completed letters and forms must be emailed to and


Non Third-Party Billing Contracts

If you or your employer does not wish to set up a third-party billing contract, your employer may send a check payment. Please note, the check must be received by the due date, and you should allow 2 weeks for posting of check. 

Make the check out to: University of Virginia

Include the student's University ID number on the memo line


Check payments can be mailed to:

University of Virginia

Student Payment Processing

P.O. Box 400204

Charlottesville, Virginia 22904


For express delivery services that cannot deliver to PO boxes (like UPS), send to:

University of Virginia

Student Financial Services

1001 N. Emmet Street

Charlottesville, VA 22903


Reimbursement by your employer directly to you

If your employer is reimbursing you directly, you are still responsible for ensuring your bill is paid in-full and on-time each semester.

Employer sponsorships impact the amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive. If you are planning on utilizing financial aid in addition to a sponsorship, the Darden Financial Aid Office can help you determine your remaining aid eligibility.