Darden MBA - Industry Focus Electives - Technology


Technology has broad applications and plays a defining role in a variety of industries. At Darden, technology is embedded in all aspects of the learning experience. In marketing classes, students learn to engage customers through social networking; in leadership classes, students learn to manage more effectively using technology; and in operations classes, students learn to use technology to improve efficiency in business operations. Career opportunities in technology fall into three main areas: computer hardware and software, internet and new media and telecommunications.


Please note: courses are subject to change each year. Consult the course directory for the most up-to-date course offerings.


  • Clubs & Events

    Darden Technology Club (DTC) 

    Darden BTC provides a forum for students interested in working in technology-intensive industries and students interested in understanding the role and opportunities that technology creates for improving the performance of organizations.


    Technology Industry Immersion Panel  

    DTC and The Career Center sponsor a Technology Industry Immersion Panel for all Darden students.

  • Career Search & Recruiting

    Darden's The Career Center has a Senior Director, Jenny Zenner, based in Seatte and the Batten Institute has a Director of West Coast Initatives, Robyn Swift, in the Bay Area further strengthening the School's resources across the country.

Technology Faculty

Raul Chao

Raul Chao

Associate Professor of Business Administration

“Darden has prepared me well for my career in General Management. I have been able to leverage the enterprise perspective that Darden teaches you, the unique ability to make decisions taking into consideration all aspects of a business (Operations, Strategy, Finance, etc.). Darden's General Management focus and leveraging the case study method has made me feel much better prepared as I start my career at Danaher.”

Amanda Gingras
MBA ’12

“My job involves a lot of operational consulting and looks at issues that affect the broader company. Darden trained me to think about broader issues than just the central figures in the business cases we studied. The case study method prepares you to be a great general manager, helps you think about multiple issues that affect the central problem you are trying to solve, and teaches you to be a good people manager.”

Jason Sinnarajah
MBA ’07

“Darden prepared me for a career in technology in the bay area by giving me 1) the confidence to communicate effectively in a team setting through its case study curriculum, 2) a network of strong and close-knit alumni in the bay area who have been a great deal of support, and 3) extensive career guidance and interview preparation through its career office. Special callout to Marty Speight here, who coached me brilliantly!”

Subha Shetty
MBA ’06