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The consulting industry has long been one of the leading destinations for Darden graduates. The strategic problems that managers face are increasingly ambiguous and call for a holistic, integrated perspective.

Beginning in the final term of First Year, Darden students can take multiple electives in consulting. Through the case method and opportunities like Darden Consulting Projects, both globally and in the U.S., as well as other experiential electives, you will not only develop a proven structure for effective problem-solving but at the same time gain practice for case interviews. Furthermore, Darden’s focus on collaboration — both in learning teams and in the classroom — is particularly relevant for consulting. Many academic programs help students learn how to solve problems; Darden, however, will take your learning a step further by placing an equal emphasis on students' ability to articulate their thought processes.

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    Strategy Consulting

    The leading strategy consulting firms focus on the “CEO Agenda” of strategic issues, which can range from industry positioning and acquisition plans to organizational restructuring and operations improvement. This job requires the consultant to have a strong foundation in traditional strategy courses and competitive dynamics, as well as the basic principles of marketing and operations. In addition, today’s complex business environment requires consultants to comprehend the financial landscape and consider the implications their recommendations may have on their clients’ financial statements. Throughout, consultants must also have a strong capability and confidence in performing the quantitative work that is so essential to thorough analysis. Finally, the success of the consultant’s recommendations depends on the ability of the consultant to set the stage for change within the organization, which includes documenting and communicating a future vision for the client.

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    * Courses offered in the First and Second Year. All other courses are offered only in the Second Year.

    Please note: Courses are subject to change each year. Consult the course directory for the most up-to-date course offerings.


  • Concentration

    Darden faculty created the following consulting concentration to help Second Year students develop a course plan:


    This concentration is intended to immerse students in the consulting process and to help them identify and deepen the skill sets necessary for success in that role. Faculty Contact: Jared Harris

  • Clubs & Events

    Consulting Club 

    The Consulting Club at Darden aims to provide its members with opportunities to meet and interact with leading consultants from top consulting companies around the world. The club arranges various networking events to enable students to interact with consultants in an informal atmosphere, to provide them with a better understanding of the industry, and to explore various career paths available to consultants at throughout their careers.


    Consulting Conference

    The Consulting Club coordinates the Consulting Conference each fall, which serves as a prime networking opportunity during peak recruiting season. Conference activities typically include a networking dinner, keynote speakers and breakout sessions with top consulting firms.


    Deloitte Case Challenge

    The Deloitte Case Challenge is a great way to get first-hand experience on a consulting engagement. In addition to giving students a feel for the consulting industry, it is also a great way to network and show your skills!


    Community Consultants of Darden (CCOD)

    CCoD is an incorporated not-for-profit corporation founded in 1956 at the Darden School of Business. CCoD provides marketing, operational and strategic evaluation and planning services to visionary non-profit organizations and small businesses in the Charlottesville community.

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Consulting Faculty

Timothy M. Laseter

Timothy M. Laseter

Professor of Practice

Jeanne M. Liedtka

Jeanne M. Liedtka

United Technologies Corporation Professor of Business Administration