MBA - Industry Focus Electives - Retail & Luxury Goods

Retail & Luxury Goods

Darden students who are planning to pursue a career in retail and luxury goods take advantage of the strong general management curriculum at Darden, as well as retail-related courses. Darden's academic offerings are complemented by co-curricular activities focused on industry-relevant speakers and recruiters in the industry, as well as alumni networking, career treks and conferences focusing on retail and luxury goods.

Career opportunities vary from traditional jobs at large big box retailers to more niche positions at major luxury labels. Positions in finance, marketing and supply chain management/operations, and opportunities in merchandizing, strategy, sustainability and procurement have all been employment options for Darden graduates interested in this area.


The following classes are recommended for students interested in careers in retail and luxury goods:

Please note: courses are subject to change each year. Consult the course directory for the most up-to-date course offerings.

Clubs & Organizations

Retail and Luxury Goods Club

The mission of the Retail and Luxury Goods Club is to increase awareness and interest in the retail and luxury goods industries among Darden students and to increase Darden’s presence in these industries. The RLG Club works on bringing industry speakers and recruiters to Darden and is the hub of alumni networking to help Darden students find summer and full-time job opportunities. In conjunction with the Career Development Center, students in the RLG club will be planning career treks to New York and Los Angeles, and will be attending industry conferences with other top business schools.

Retail & Luxury Goods Faculty

Gregory B. Fairchild

Gregory B. Fairchild

Isidore Horween Research Associate Professor of Business Administration

June A. West

June A. West

Associate Professor of Business Administration

“The biggest help Darden gave me was putting me in touch with the right people. The luxury goods industry is slow to appreciate the value of an MBA, and therefore finding jobs in these companies involves networking and off-campus career searches more than industries with established MBA development programs. Through faculty and fellow students, I was able to get in touch with the right people to land my summer internship and get my foot in the luxury door.”

Catherine Sproul
MBA ’10