Financial Management for Non-Financial Executives

Financial Management for Non-Financial Executives


Financial Management for Non-Financial Executives

Gain financial acumen to make better business decisions. Learn to interpret financial reports, improve the bottom line and speak a common language with financial executives.


Gain the financial acumen to make smarter business decisions in an ever-changing, complex economy.

  • Navigate financial challenges with your accounting and financial team, in partnership rather than dependence.
  • Translate financial reports and cost analyses into meaningful feedback for your team.
  • Connect silos to align organizational goals.

Intended For

Senior Management, Executive


Management Competencies, Finance & Banking

Available Dates

13-18 Mar 2022




6 days

Program Overview

Become a more strategic leader and expand your cross-functional influence, with a deeper understanding of finance.

  • Build fundamental financial skills, including your ability to record business transactions, read financial reports, identify relevant cost information, budget and assess performance, and analyze working capital, discounted cash flow and capital expenditures.
  • Practice applying the details of balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, as well as interpret big-picture stories as told through financial data in annual corporate reports.
  • Review typical models of cost allocation among units, products and services and spot how those models can be improved.
  • Make decisions around pricing, cost-cutting and capital investment and refine your ideas against real-life strategies and outcomes.
  • This program emphasizes the application and understanding of financial information, not its preparation; no prior finance or accounting knowledge is necessary.

Outcomes & Impact

  • Fit key financial concepts into your corporate strategy.
  • Identify areas for cost savings across your organization.
  • Perform basic financial analyses to inform your day-to-day operations.
  • Make data-driven comparisons between the performance of business sectors.


This program counts as one program toward a noncredit Darden Certificate in Management. Complete this program and three additional programs within a four-year period to earn your certificate.


This program is designed for executives and managers who lack formal financial training and want to understand and implement key information without extensive number-crunching.

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Mary Margaret Frank

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development; Samuel A. Lewis Sr. Faculty Fellow;, John Tyler Professor of Business Administration;, Institute for Business in Society Academic Director

Luann J. Lynch

Luann J. Lynch

Almand R. Coleman Professor of Business Administration

Mark E. Haskins

Mark E. Haskins

Landmark Communications Professor of Business Administration


Darden School of Business   
100 Darden Blvd.   
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Lodging & Transportation

Accommodations are included for program participants. Darden has secured a block of rooms for this program at:
Hyatt Place
2100 Bond Street
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Hotel accommodations includes breakfast, wifi, and free parking at the hotel.

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