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MBA - Diversity - Partners & Families

Partners & Families

The partners and families of the Darden School students are an integral part of the Darden community. Not only do the partners provide support to their students while at Darden, but they are also very active in supporting Darden and the Charlottesville community. The Darden Partners Association (DPA) is an organization run by Darden student partners who organize volunteer efforts and social activities, and also provide job and child care resources. You can learn more about DPA through their Instagram!

Partner Blogs

Two partners of Darden MBA students blog about their experiences living and working in Charlottesville. Visit the Darden Blogs page to read their posts.

Social Events

The DPA organizes monthly and weekly activities throughout the school year and over the summer. These activities include happy hours, walking groups, book clubs, trivia nights, movie dates and dinner at local restaurants and partners’ houses. These events enable partners to meet new friends, share common experiences and explore the Charlottesville area together.

In the following video, Sara Lee (MBA ’15) shares how the welcoming community made a big impact on her and her partner.

Community Service

The DPA is very involved in giving back to the Charlottesville community. The DPA has organized blood drives, worked with the Ronald McDonald House and is an active participant in Darden-sponsored community events such as the Darden 5K and Building Goodness in April.

Family Resources

Through a dedicated family committee, the DPA plans kid-friendly activities, including outings to the Virginia Discovery Museum, picnics and birthday parties. The committee also coordinates playgroups and babysitting for most orientation and social events and organizes meal trains for new Darden parents. It is a great resource for expectant parents and for those with questions on child care and other child-related concerns. Parents of Darden also offer programming and community for students and their partners who are parents.

In this video, Derek Ray (MBA ’15) shares how his family has bonded with other Darden families.

International Partners

The international committee of the DPA serves as a resource for incoming international partners by answering questions about relocating to Charlottesville and adjusting to Darden. The international committee is available for advice, but it also plans activities to introduce cultures and traditions to the other Darden partners. Another excellent resource for international student partners is UVA’s Lorna Sundberg International Center. The center offers a variety of intercultural experiences, classes and resources on getting acclimated to Charlottesville and sharing one’s own culture.