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Darden has a strong and supportive community for LGBTQ students.

Pride At Darden (PAD)

Pride at Darden (PAD) is a student-run organization that fosters a supportive environment for the LGBTQ community. The following video feature several members of the club as they discuss the strong network in place for LGBTQ Darden students:

To learn more about events, recruiting opportunities and social events that the club puts on each year, visit the PAD website.

Annual "Love is Love" Event

Each year, Darden plans and participates in the yearly “Love is ...” event, which is focused on promoting inclusion of the LGBTQ community both at Darden and in the workplace. The power of its message is its simplicity: Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion, all relationships are equal.


Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) is the global organization that focuses on educating, inspiring and connecting current and prospective LGBTQ business students in an ongoing effort to create the next generation of our business leaders. The organization pursues this mission through a year-round series of programming, including its annual Reaching Out MBA & Graduate (ROMBA) Conference, which attracted over 1,400 attendees annually, and the Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA Fellowship, a scholarship and leadership development program for LGBTQ business students.

Learn more about ROMBA

Cheyenne Johnson
Class of 2022 MBA/MPP

Cheyenne Johnson (she/her) 

President, Pride at Darden

Hometown: Ojai, California

Why Darden? The collaborative community at Darden provides the support you need to get through the program’s rigorous curriculum, and the case method gives you the chance to practice real world decision making.

Why Pride at Darden (PAD)? Every June, we celebrate Pride Month both to rejoice in the progress we’ve made and to remind ourselves of how far we still have to go. I joined Pride at Darden to be a part of that path forward, to help build an inclusive community where you are safe to love who you love and be your whole, uncompromising self.

Fun Fact: I basically grew up in a mini-zoo. As a kid, I had 3 cats, 3 parrots, 4 doves, 2 guinea pigs, 3 mice, 4 freshwater crabs, 1 black Labrador, and an uncountable number of fish.

Tip for Applicants: Start early and be yourself throughout the admissions process.