Aldo Sesia

Aldo Sesia

Sr. Researcher, Darden Case Writing Research Group


FOB 193

Education: BS, Northeastern University; MBA, Boston University; MALS, Dartmouth College

Aldo joined the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia in November 2021 as a senior case researcher. Previously he wrote case studies and notes (teaching and industry) at Harvard Business School for 17 years. Before that, Aldo held finance positions in the hi-tech industry. As a case researcher, Aldo has written or co-authored well over 100 case studies across all management education academic areas.

Selected Publications

Allison Elias, Aldo Sesia, “A Dolphin Bullied: Jonathan Martin's NFL Experience in Miami (A),” UVA-E-0477, (Darden Business Publishing, Charlottesville, VA: 2022).

Yiorgos Allayannis, Aldo Sesia, “De-SPACing: Tattooed Chef Inc.,” UVA-F-1996, (Darden Business Publishing, Charlottesville, VA: 2021).

Richard Evans, Aldo Sesia, “Alpha Architect: Is Momentum Losing Steam?” UVA-F-1977, (Darden Business Publishing, Charlottesville, VA: 2021).

Daniel Murphy, Aldo Sesia, “California’s Affordable Housing Crisis,” UVA-GEM-0194, (Darden Business Publishing, Charlottesville, VA:2021).

Timothy Laseter, Aldo Sesia, “Re:Build Manufacturing-Reimaging the Conglomerate,” UVA-OM-1757 (Darden Business Publishing, Charlottesville, VA:2021).

Dennis Yang, Jiming Ha, Aldo Sesia, and Gerry Yemen, “China Supply Chain and COVID-19,” UVA-GEM- 0184, (Darden Business Publishing, Charlottesville, VA: 2021).