EMBA - Global Study

EMBA - Global Study

Global Study

At Darden, we believe all business is global. The Darden School connects with over 80 countries each year through a variety of avenues, and all students are expected to have a global experience during their time at Darden.

All Business is Global

Executive MBA (EMBA) format students participate in one global residency; Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students participate in four global residencies. Current residency locations (subject to change) include Australia, Argentina, Chile, Finland/Estonia, Ghana, Germany, India, Israel, Morocco, Spain, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Global residencies are weeklong experiences delivered across four distinct travel periods. Typically, 2-3 global residencies are offered per travel period, with students having the option to participate in one trip per period.

The global residencies are designed to be immersive, and programming includes a mix of company visits, talks with industry leaders, meetings with executives, cultural excursions and more.

  • Number of Global Residencies

    EMBA students participate in one weeklong global residency, with the option of adding additional residencies. Please note, there is an additional charge for each additional global residency (approximately $4,200). 

    GEMBA students participate in four global residencies, with additional opportunities for global travel in the form of Global Consulting Projects, which are open to all executive format students. These courses are also available at an additional charge of approximately $4,200.

    In the summer prior to the start of the school year, incoming students are sent a survey in which they indicate their global residency preferences. Assignments are determined by the Executive MBA Program Office. The Program Office confirms all global residency assignments during Leadership Residency 1.

  • Schedule

    The schedule for our executive formats is very similar. The only difference is the number of required global residencies. The format schedules are as follows:

    EMBA consists of:

    • 20 Weekend Residencies
    • 2 Leadership Residencies
    • 1 Global Residency
    • Distance Learning

    GEMBA consists of:

    • 20 Weekend Residencies
    • 2 Leadership Residencies
    • 4 Global Residencies
    • Distance Learning

    Over the 21 months of the program, EMBA requires 35 class days out of the office. Our GEMBA format requires 50 days out of the office. It is worth noting that the program is spread across three calendar years and students take courses without interruption. For example, a student in the Class of 2024 would start the program in August 2022 and graduate in May 2024.

    Global residences are offered during four distinct travel periods, with the first travel period occurring in February, after the conclusion of Quarter 3. Approximately two to three trips will be offered in each period:

    • February 2023 (after Q3)
    • June 2023 (after Q5)
    • October 2023 (after Q7)
    • February 2024 (after Q9)

    Global residency destinations will likely include Australia, Argentina, Chile, Finland/Estonia, Ghana, Germany, India, Israel, Morocco, Spain, South Korea, and Vietnam.

  • Cost

    There is a fee difference between the EMBA and GEMBA formats of approximately $11,000. If you are considering Darden’s executive formats and believe you may want to have more than one global experience during your course of study, this differential may be particularly relevant to you. 

    EMBA students may participate in more than one global residency, and there is an additional charge for each additional global residency (approximately $4,200).

    Travel to and from the residencies (weekend, leadership and global) is not included in the tuition and fees for either of our executive formats, and these travel costs should also be included in any cost comparison.

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Questions About Global Residencies?

Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) is committed to supporting and enhancing students' global business education. Ladi Carr, director for global executive programs, serves as the primary liaison between CGI and the Executive MBA program team. She is the contact for global program needs, such as:

  • Organizing logistics for global executive experiences (i.e., Global Residencies, Darden Worldwide Courses and Global Electives)
  • Providing support prior to and during Global Residencies
  • Collaborating closely with the Executive MBA Program Team to deliver outstanding global experiences at Darden

As you contemplate the global options of Darden's EMBA and GEMBA formats, please feel free to contact Ladi at any time.