EMBA - Clubs and Organizations

EMBA - Clubs and Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Gain and share valuable insights while developing invaluable relationships.

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Students play an active role in shaping extracurricular life in our Executive MBA Program. As an executive format student, you will join a dynamic learning community in which relationships matter and learning stretches beyond the four walls of the classroom. Our student clubs are a compelling example of our students' investment in their educational experience

Student Organizations

There are several student organizations at Darden that are organized and led by Executive MBA students. These student groups are targeted to meet the needs of the working professional and are designed to enhance a students' academic, social, cultural and professional lives.

Below are a listing of the current Executive MBA student organizations.

  • Executive Student Investment Fund (ESIF)

    The Executive Student Investment Fund (ESIF) is a student-run club providing Executive MBA students hands-on experience researching, pitching, and directly managing a portfolio of active investments in publicly traded assets.

    ESIF offers both a for-credit elective and a non-credit club participation option for Executive MBA students. Students in the elective course research, prepare, and pitch a stock to the fund's leadership team for investment consideration.

    Club participants are also welcome to pitch stocks to the team, participate in all stock pitch sessions, and attend all ESIF-sponsored events.

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  • Veteran Executive Students At Darden (VESD)

    The Veteran Executive Students at Darden (VESD) serves the Executive MBA community as an affinity group by leveraging former and current military experiences to enhance career opportunities and foster camaraderie within the entire Darden Community.

    In addition to supporting veterans in the Executive MBA Program, the organization's programming touches upon a variety of veteran-related topics, including advising others on what it means to hire and work with a vet. 

  • Black Executive MBAs (BEMBA)

    The Black Executive MBAs (BEMBA), chartered in 2017, is dedicated to the recruitment of Black business students and the professional and academic advancement of its membership.

    BEMBA is one of the first student groups chartered in Darden's Executive MBA program and serves graduate business students through both academic and professional initiatives. The organization conducts activities through the generous support and commitment of dedicated club members, alumni, school staff and faculty.

    In addition to its professional and academic goals, BEMBA hosts social outings throughout the year to foster relationships within the groups' membership and the Darden community at-large.

  • Darden International Club For Executives (DICE)

    DICE's mission is to provide a platform for Darden's community of Executive MBA students and alumni who associate themselves with all things international. This organization serves to engage Darden and the greater UVA community on a variety of topics, ranging from international business and economics to culture and history.

  • Network Of Executive Women (NEW)

    The Darden Network of Executive Women (NEW) is an organization dedicated to the professional development of female students in Darden's Executive MBA Program.

    The organization, which includes both current students and alumni, was founded in the autumn of 2017 as a more formal way to support one another, to build personal and professional networks, and to share professional development opportunities.

    NEW organizes a variety of events and facilitates relationships between women within the current classes and with alumni across the country.

    Both women and men are welcome to join NEW.

  • Entrepreneurship Club (EMBEC)

    The Executive MBA Entrepreneurship Club (EMBEC) provides a participative community and support network for students seeking to start and fund new ventures or acquire existing businesses.

Student Leadership

Students in the Executive MBA Program are encouraged to engage their leadership skills through service as representatives within their class. Along with leaders of the Executive MBA student organizations, class representatives are called upon to represent the interests and ideas of their classmates across the Darden enterprise.

  • Class Representatives

    Elected by their peers, class representatives are often likened to 'class presidents' as they work directly with program leadership to advocate on behalf of their classmates.

    Meeting regularly with program leaders and team members, these representatives highlight their classmates' concerns, questions and ideas, and work collaboratively to communicate back to the broader class.

    Qualities of a highly effective class representative include:

    • Active listener
    • Strong interest in improving the Executive MBA student experience
    • Ability to discuss difficult topics diplomatically and with sensitivity
    • Sense of humor
  • Career Representatives

    Career representatives serve as the liaison between the students, the Executive MBA career advisors and the Darden Career Center (CDC).

    The primary responsibility of this position is communication—sharing students' questions, concerns and suggestions with the CDC and informing students about career resources and opportunities.

    Students with a commitment to maintaining an open dialogue and an interest in advancing the careers of their fellow students are encouraged to participate.

    Career representatives are selected by the CDC.

  • Social Representatives

    Social representatives organize community-building activities for their class by creating and executing social outings that appeal to the broadest number of students possible.

    Examples of previous social events include: dinner off-Grounds, sporting events, cultural experiences and happy hours. Social representatives also lend a voice to program-planned and non-academic events.

    Students who have a good sense of humor and understand how to create social engagement opportunities for diverse groups of people are encouraged to participate.

  • Community Service Representative

    Community service representatives develop opportunities for students to give back through community service projects. These projects can be one-time events or ongoing projects.

    For the purposes of these projects, students may define "community" to include UVA, Charlottesville, Rosslyn, students' hometowns or even the global community. This role works with social representatives to plan and deliver service projects.

    Students who are strong leaders, well-organized and have time to volunteer are encouraged to participate.