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Email for Life

As a graduate of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, you have access to Darden email for life.


Darden has partnered with Microsoft Exchange to provide email accounts ending in @alum.darden.edu. You can forward messages to a personal account (Gmail, Yahoo or others), or you can use it to send and receive email. Alumni mailboxes have a storage capacity of 25 GB and may be forwarded to your email address of choice.

To access your alumni email account, please follow the directions below or follow the frequently asked questions section below for more information.

  1. Visit https://login.microsoftonline.com/.
  2. Log in using your Darden alumni email and password.
  3. Update your preferred forwarding address or set up your mailbox as desired.

Please note: Changing your preferred forwarding address within the Microsoft web application will not update your Darden alumni profile or the preferred email at which you want Darden to contact you. Please be sure to update your information within the alumni directory.

To learn more, contact The Office of Engagement.


  • What is my Darden alumni email?

    All graduates have an alumni email that mimics the format of the Darden student email addresses using last name, first initial and two digit graduation year followed by @alum.darden.edu (e.g. SmithJ15@alum.darden.edu). Generally, the last name is the name used while a student at Darden. 

  • What new features does Microsoft Exchange Online offer?

    Darden is pleased to offer a new, robust email option for graduates through Microsoft Exchange Online. Advantages include:

    • Continued option to forward email sent to user@alum.darden.edu to your preferred email address.
    • Full-service email box with 25 GB storage for sending and receiving messages (i.e., you can email from your alumni account; now it’s not just for forwarding).
    • Connect multiple email accounts within the web app.
    • Set automatic replies, email signatures and other features from your alumni email account.

    Changing your forwarding email in Microsoft Exchange Online does NOT update your preferred email settings in the Darden alumni website. You must login to your alumni profile to update your contact information, including email address.

  • How do I log in to my Darden Alumni Email for Life account for the first time?

    1. Go to: https://login.microsoftonline.com/

    2. Login using your Darden alumni email address (Example: smithj16@darden.virginia.edu) and the password provided to you in the introductory email from Darden. 

    3. You will need to change your password the first time you log in. Enter the old password (provided to you in the email from Darden) and a new password that you can remember. A strong password is required. Combine at least three of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.   

    4. You will need to provide either a phone number or a secondary email address that can be used to contact you in the event that you get locked out of your account. You will then need to verify that the information is correct by entering in a verification code that will be sent to the email address or phone number provided. Please note that for a phone number, you have the option of having a text message sent to you or being called with a voice recording of the verification code. 

    5. Once logged in, you will view the landing page for Microsoft 365. Click on “Mail” icon in the top left of the screento proceed to your email inbox. 

    6. Upon first login, you are required to select your preferred language and time zone from the drop down options. Click save to continue.

  • What if I already changed my password and I can’t remember it?

    If this is not your first time logging in and you cannot remember your password, please click the “Can’t access your account?” link under the blue “Sign In” button on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your User ID and your password reset request will be sent to an administrator. You will be contacted by a member of the Office of Engagement team.

  • How do I change the forwarding address for my alumni email account?

    1. Once you have logged in to your mailbox, click on the gear icon (upper right) and in the search box type “forward.” 

    2. Click the “Forwarding” option located in the drop down list. (A new window will open) 

    3. In the forwarding box, enter an email address where you would like to receive all of your email for life messages.

  • Does changing my forwarding email in Microsoft Exchange Online update my alumni profile on the Darden alumni website?

    Changing your forwarding email in Microsoft Exchange Online does NOT change where Darden will email you, nor does it change your alumni profile information. Log in to the Darden alumni website to update your alumni contact information.

  • Can I keep copies of my email in my online mailbox?

    You can maintain copies of emails that are forwarded through your Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox by checking the box “Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App.” The mailbox has a maximum capacity of 25 GB. Once your mailbox is full, you will not be able to send or receive messages.

  • I think I have a UVA alumni account as well. Who do I contact about that?

    University alumni (except for graduates of Darden and Commerce) receive UVA Gmail student accounts that transition to alumni accounts post-graduation. Learn more about Gmail and Vmail (Class of 2005 and earlier) on the University of Virginia IT website.