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Venture Capital Initiative - Darden Venture Fellows Program

Darden Venture Fellows Program

WHAT IS THE DARDEN VENTURE FELLOWS PROGRAM? This program offers Darden students a unique, intensive ten-week summer internship experience with a top venture capital firm. Darden MBAs have the opportunity to apply for selection by a sponsoring VC firm through which students may work in an investing role, an operating role within one of the fund’s portfolio companies, or a blend of the two. The purpose of this program is to give current students hands-on experience, mentorship, coaching, and a rich network of connections to support their aspirations to pursue entrepreneurship or venture capital after graduation.

WHO'S IT FOR? Darden students between their First and Second years at Darden.

WHEN IS IT? For 10 weeks during the summer.

WHERE IS IT? Various locations.

HOW DO I APPLY? See the application process information below.

> Accepted Fellows: submit the funding request form.

Please direct questions to

Summer of 2023 Darden Venture Fellows

“Thanks to the Darden Venture Fellows program, I interned this past summer with a cutting-edge, Darden-founded B2B SaaS VC firm called Trestle Partners. As employee #3, I dove in on all aspects of running a firm including end-to-end diligence, sourcing, performance benchmarking, and investor relations. Getting so much hands-on experience was great for my career, and working in Midtown New York was a life experience I’ll always be thankful for.”

Will Whitehurst
MBA Class of 2024
  • Benefits & Timetable


    • 10-week summer fellowship with a VC firm and/or one of their portfolio companies
    • Supported and administered by the Venture Capital Initiative
    • Sponsored by principals from leading VC firms
    • $8,000 (max.) matching stipend from the Batten Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management
    • $8,000 (min.) compensation from sponsor/portfolio company


    • Application window: 2 January - 14 January 2024

    • Selection interviews: 15 January - 9 February 2024

    • Darden Venture Fellows offers made: 12 - 26 February 2024

    • Darden Venture Fellows Placements Finalized: Week of 4 March 2024

    • Summer Fellowship will typically run for 10-weeks between Memorial Day and the second week of August 

  • Eligibility


    Any first year Darden MBA student in good standing is eligible to apply. 

    First Year students will have three weeks to consider an offer, unless an alternative time frame is agreed upon by both parties.

    This is a highly competitive program, and there are only a limited number of Darden Venture Fellowships available. To be considered, applicants must submit the required materials to the posting in Darden Career Link. Qualified finalists will be invited for interviews with participating funds.

  • Funding & Commitments


    The Batten Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management provide a $8,000 matching stipend for each Darden Venture Fellow. It is expected that the sponsor/portfolio company will match (or exceed) that amount for each recipient. 


    Students who accept a Darden Venture Fellowship are making a formal commitment to work for the sponsor and/or their portfolio companies during the internship. Once the fellowship has been accepted, awardees may not later rescind it in favor of another opportunity; this would be unfair to the sponsors, the selection committee, and other applicants.

    Darden Venture Fellows commit to serving as a mentor for future Darden Venture Fellows.

  • Current Sponsors


    Darden Venture Fellows is administered by the Venture Capital Initiative and co-funded by the Batten Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management; it is sponsored by principals from leading venture capital firms. The sponsors will be directly involved in the selection process, and they commit to providing placement with the firm or with one or more of their respective firm’s portfolio companies. Investing and operating roles will be matched on an applicant-by-applicant basis.

    2023-24 SPONSORS

    GM Ventures

    Harmonic Growth Partners

    RTX Ventures

    Sands Capital Management


    Transform Capital

    Trestle Partners

    UVA LVG Seed Fund

  • Listing of Fellows


    Jack AlexanderUVA LVG Seed Fund
    Dahler BattleRTX Ventures
    Amanda Golden – Sands Capital
    Molly Suttle – UVA LVG Seed Fund
    Jose TerrazasTrestle Partners


    Ellie JamisonUVA LVG Seed Fund
    Anhad SoinTransform Capital
    Malcolm StewartSands Capital
    Daniel VernicHarmonic Growth Partners
    Will WhitehurstTrestle Partners
    Charlie WilmerdingUVA LVG Seed Fund


    Celia AidinoffUVA LVG Seed Fund
    Pilar BennettUVA LVG Seed Fund
    Sukari BrownSands Capital
    Alex LedouxUVA LVG Seed Fund
    Tanner Powers Transform Capital
    Katie Russell Sands Capital
    Kevin Smith Sands Capital


    Chad Kenny JrGooten, KEC Ventures
    Andrew SheltonSands Capital
    Lauren WippmanSands Capital
    Mark YoungentobCity Capital Ventures


    Michael Bojanski Anagram (formerly Patch), KEC Ventures
    Amanda GexGrove Collaborative, Glynn Capital Management
    Aditi RajagopalTransform Capital
    Niv TschaiikovTransform Capital
    Miranda WitzigSands Capital


    Stephanie HeppSands Capital
    Bill IgouSands Capital
    Cara Jankowski Bright Health, Greenspring Associates
    Stephen JoyNew Stack Ventures
    Zach Lynch Kabbage, BluRun Ventures
    Meghan Lyons Kalo, Glynn Capital Management


    Marcelo Costa de SousaKabbage, BlueRun Ventures
    Mary Julia Keller Rhumbix, Glynn Capital Management
    Kristen Podwika – ​​​​​​​Gooten, KEC Ventures


    Kyle Collins – ​​​​​​​Kabbage, Atlanta, GA
    Whitney Hagan – ​​​​​​​VSCO, Oakland, CA
    Van Hatchell – ​​​​​​​ZeeMee, Redwood City, CA


    Note: Prior to 2021 fellows were referenced as Technology Venture Fellows and Mayo Center Fellowship Recipients.