Camp Library

Camp Library Student Resources & Services

Student Resources & Services

There is a wealth of resources and services available to students from the Darden Camp Library.

  • Careers
    • Contact a Darden librarian for advice on researching industries, companies and other topics.
    • View information and e-books about career paths, industries and specific companies via the Vault Career Insider database.
    • Get insights on global careers via the Goin’ Global database and our in-house country culture books.
    • Check out books on careers, resumes and interviews from our Career Placement shelves.
  • Class Reserves

    Faculty often request textbooks and other materials for the Darden Library class reserve collection.

    You can check out reserve materials for a limited time period (usually for two or four hours). 

    Availability of class reserve books does not eliminate the need to purchase textbooks.

  • Research and Reference Assistance

    Contact a Darden librarian if you need advice on how to research a particular topic.

    Darden librarians can provide brief tutorials and get you started on our databases.

  • Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals

    Seven daily newspapers are available on-site. Students can access additional news articles online via such databases as Factiva, Nexis Uni and Mergent Online.

    Darden Camp Library provides access to 800 business journals and magazines.

    Most periodicals are available via our electronic database subscriptions.

  • Study Space

    Located minutes from the classroom, the Darden Camp Library is a quiet place for study and research.

    The library is open 78 hours per week with extended hours for exams.

    Study tables feature electrical outlets and network ports.

    The library has wireless access, printers for students and a scanner.