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The Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology supports the development of entrepreneurial leaders by translating Darden academic research into practice. We achieve this through articles, opinion pieces, webinars, podcasts, books, briefings, and multi-stakeholder events. The goal of this translational work is to present  research findings to business leaders and policymakers in a way that is relevant and actionable. 

At Batten, we believe that it is at the intersection of research and practice where new ideas can grow and flourish. Our initiatives bring together Darden's collective expertise on issues of global importance, such as sustainability and digital transformation, and engages corporate leaders in critical dialogue around solutions.  

Experimentation Field Book

The Experimentation Field Book (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2024) offers a hands-on, structured guide through the design and execution of your very own experiments. Authors Professor Jeanne Liedtka, Elizabeth Chen, Natalie Foley (MBA '11) and David Kester outline how to design and run tests to address a variety of challenges—improving an existing solution, fixing something that’s broken, making a new product, or launching a new service for your existing customers.

Playbook 2023

The Decarbonization Playbook (2023) summarizes delegate discussions held during the workshop portion of the most recent Jefferson Innovation Summit. The playbook presents the top five actions with the greatest potential for accelerating clean technology adoption and decarbonization.

Good Disruption

”Good Disruption” is a lively discussion between UVA Darden School of Business Professors Mike Lenox and Yael Grushka-Cockayne on cutting edge technologies and practices that are challenging the status quo. They then make their personal call on whether this is a good disruption, bad disruption, or actually no disruption.

Rebecca Duff
 Rebecca Duff
 Director of Thought Leadership



Gosia Glinska

Gosia Glinska
Associate Director of Thought Leadership