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Second Year Scholarships

Every year the Second Year Scholarship selection committee, which is composed of faculty and staff, select several rising Second Years in the full-time program for merit-based scholarships based on applications and first year grades. International students and U.S. Citizens may apply for these scholarships. Individuals who are awarded scholarships are notified at the end of June.

See below for a brief description of second year scholarships; please contact the Darden Financial Aid Office for additional information. Please note that not all named scholarships are available each year. Many are available every other year and some with less frequency.

  • Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship

    This scholarship was established in 1953 by members of the Class of 1950 in honor of Samuel Forrest Hyde. The Samuel Forrest Hyde Memorial Fellowship is awarded to the student who has successfully completed his or her first year at Darden and who has contributed most to the welfare of the School during that year and, by personality and devotion to the objectives of the School, shows the greatest promise of achieving a useful career.

  • Frank E. Genovese Second Year Fellowship

    Established in 1991 by Frank E. Genovese (MBA ’74), an alumnus of the Darden School and trustee emeritus of the Darden School Foundation. This fellowship is awarded to Second Year students at the Darden School who are in the top 30 percent of the First Year class after their first semester, and who also express a desire to seek employment in direct operating management positions in decentralized manufacturing companies or to own their own businesses.

  • Lemuel E. Lewis Bicentennial Award for Global Leadership

    This scholarship founded by Darden alumnus Lem Lewis (MBA ’72) recognizes students who have improved the community by demonstrating a commitment to increase inclusiveness among various economic, political, religious and social groups. The scholarship offers two awards: an annual award to a Second Year student and a bi-annual award to a First Year student (the next First Year will be announced in 2022). Meet the 2019 award winner and the two 2020 award winners.

  • McGowan Fellows Program

    The McGowan Fellows Program is a competitive scholarship program that supports a full-tuition scholarship to one Second Year student who is in the top five percent of the First Year class and who demonstrates leadership experience through a supplemental application process. Supported by the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, the selected fellow participates in a host of experiential leadership development opportunities throughout the year with fellows from nine other top business schools. The purpose of the McGowan Fellows Program is to build and support a community of emerging business leaders who embody the McGowan principles of ethical leadership and will favorably contribute to a fair and just society for all.

  • Marietta and Sherwood Frey Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 2007 by Carroll M. Warfield (MBA ’81), Warren Thompson (MBA ’83), Thomas Baltimore (MBA ’91) and friends of Sherwood and Marietta Frey. The award was established to honor Darden professor Sherwood Frey and his wife, Marietta, and to provide financial support to African American students who, as a result of the opportunities afforded them by their education at the Darden School, show promise and commitment to being role models for future generations of African American leaders. Sherwood Frey joined the Darden faculty in 1979 and is currently the Emeritus Ethyl Corporation Professor of Business Administration. He is well known for his courses on bargaining and negotiations. This scholarship is offered by the Darden School Foundation.

  • Class of 1986 Peter J. Niehaus Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1986 by members of the Class of 1986 and faculty and friends to honor Peter J. Niehaus, who died during spring break of his Second Year. The scholarship is intended to honor a member of the Second Year class who, throughout his or her First Year, was distinguished by an ability to promote a supportive, relaxed and amiable atmosphere at Darden while achieving academic excellence. This scholarship also supports a First Year student at the School with demonstrated financial need.

  • Class of 1967 Jim Cappio Scholarship

    The Class of 1967 Scholarship was established in 1987 by members of the Class of 1967 at their 20th reunion. During the class' 50th Reunion weekend at Darden, the fund was renamed in honor of Jim Cappio, who served as class secretary from graduation until resigning due to poor health just six months prior to the 50th Reunion celebration. Jim's fellow classmates believed this scholarship was a fitting tribute to his longstanding service. The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Second Year student.

  • Thomas I. Storrs Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1982 by the North Carolina National Bank (now Bank of America) in honor of its chairman, Thomas I. Storrs. This award is given to students who, like Tom Storrs, exhibit the qualities of scholarship and leadership that will make them both effective businesspeople and humanitarians.

  • Vincent D. Choe Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 2009 by Young Ae Choe, in memory of her son, Vince, who was a member of the Class of 2004. The scholarship supports students.

  • Ernest and Patricia Wuliger Scholarship

    Established in 1986 by the friends and family of Ernest & Patricia Wuliger in honor of Ernest’s 65th birthday. This scholarship is designated for students who show promise of significant achievement and demonstrated financial need. 

  • Morton G. Thalhimer Fellowship

    This scholarship was established in 1969 by the Neighborhood Theatre Inc. and numerous associates of Morton G. Thalhimer to honor his 80th birthday and dedicated leadership of the company he founded. Mr. Thalhimer owned and operated 37 motion picture theatres in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia and was chair of Morton G. Thalhimer Inc., a prestigious real estate firm in the Southeast. He served as a trustee for Darden for 11 years beginning in 1955, when the School opened. The fellowship is awarded for the encouragement and assistance of a Second Year student whose attitudes exemplify outstanding qualities of personal character and integrity — qualities so respected and exemplified by the man for whom the fellowship is named.

  • Lee R. Johnston Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1998 by alumni, faculty and friends of Darden and the family of Mr. Johnston. The scholarship honors one of Darden's great professors who served students, executives and fellow faculty members for 33 years. Professor Johnston was a founding faculty member of Darden; the first director of the doctoral program; and a professor of finance, small business, and entrepreneurship courses. The scholarship is awarded to Second Year students with a special interest in entrepreneurship.

  • Class of 1962 Reynolds C. "Bucky" Siersema Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 1987 by members of the Class of 1962 at their twenty-fifth reunion in memory of their classmate Bucky Siersema. The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Second Year student.

  • Thomas G. Labrecque Ethics Scholarship

    Established by the Labrecque family to honor the career of Thomas G. Labrecque, who throughout his career and life emphasized the importance of ethics and leadership. This scholarship is awarded to a rising Second Year student who has demonstrated a commitment to ethics in business leadership through experiences previous to Darden, performance in the Darden first year ethics course, and leadership in the Darden community.

  • Kenneth Nahigian Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 1981 by family, alumni and friends of Ken Nahigian (Class of 1967) as a memorial. Mr. Nahigian served as class president at Darden and went on to become a highly succussful and promising entreprenuer in real estate investment and management. This scholarship is awarded to a Second Year Darden student who demonstrates outstanding entrepreneurial capabilities and promise of building a business career centering on this trait. Where possible, financial need will also be taken into account.

  • Class of 1977 Scholarship

    Established by the Class of 1977, this endowed scholarship is awarded annually to a Second Year student.

  • Class of 1974 Fred Richardson Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1988 by members of the Class of 1974 in memory of a true gentleman, Fred Richardson. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Richardson served Darden for 14 years as a professor teaching courses on organizational behavior, the application of behavioral sciences to executive leadership and understanding the rhythms of work. A founding father of the Society for Applied Anthropology, he was honored with the Society's Malinowski Award in 1988 in recognition of his career achievement. The Class of 1974 Fred Richardson Scholarship is awarded with preference to students with hearing or physical impairments.

  • Class of 1999 Kevin Bewley Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by members of the Class of 1999, together with the Bewley family, in honor of Kevin Bewley, who passed away during his Second Year at Darden. The award recognizes a student who, like Kevin, has exhibited a strong commitment to the Darden and Charlottesville communities through a demonstrated record of leadership, service and social action during his or her First Year at Darden. The student also exhibits a strong commitment to careers in the areas of non-profit management, community economic development, or youth outreach and entrepreneurship.

  • Daniel Kerr Stewart Endowed Scholarship

    Established in honor of Daniel Kerr Stewart, this scholarship is awarded to Second Year students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their first year.

  • Class of 1972 Twentieth Reunion Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1992 by members of the Class of 1972 as a gift honoring their 20th reunion. The scholarship is merit-based and awarded to academically outstanding students.

  • Evelyn Y. Davis Scholarship

    The Evelyn Davis Scholarship Fund was established in October 2007 by Evelyn Y. Davis and the Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation with the purpose of supporting students. Evelyn Y. Davis traveled the country to attend dozens of shareholder meetings each year. Mrs. Davis championed transparency in corporate governance, boardroom accountability, and reduced compensation for chief executives.

  • Turner Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1997 by the Turner Foundation. Christopher Turner (MBA ’91) was a William Michael Shermet Scholar at Darden and went on to work in leveraged finance and high yield capital markets for Merrill Lynch in the New York and London offices. Mr. Turner left his position as managing director of high yield capital markets at Merrill Lynch in 2004 to work at Barclays Capital, where he was managing director in leveraged finance until 2013. He is currently the managing director at Nomura Securities.

  • Charles W. Cantwell Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 2014 by Leslie Cantwell in honor of her husband, Charles W. Cantwell (MBA ’79). Charles Cantwell was CFO for a division at DuPont.