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WHAT IS THE STARTUP SEMINAR? The Startup Seminar is offered through PhD Plus with the purpose to foster a more innovative and entrepreneurial mindset by introducing participants to and engaging them with the challenges faced by innovators and entrepreneurs.The seminar is meant to provide relevant frameworks and skills whether you are pursuing a new research project, starting up a new lab, hoping to commercialize an invention, or simply interested in working at the intersection of science and society. The weekly seminar series spanning 12 weeks every Fall semester, involves a mix of case discussions, workshops, and conversations with invited experts, covering topics such as: customer discovery, entrepreneurial mindset, market analysis, prototype development, and design thinking.

The seminar series is the result of a collaboration between the UVA Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and the Darden School of Business Batten Institute, with support from the Office of the Provost.

WHO'S IT FOR? Any graduate student at the University of Virginia

WHEN IS IT? Mondays 4:00pm-5:00pm EST from 12 September - 14 November (no sessions on 3 or 10 October)

WHERE IS IT? Virtual

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Register online

Fall 2022: Innovation Series

12 September 2022: Q'est que C'est, "Innovation"
What is “Innovation,” or what makes a new thing in the universe “Innovative.” Let’s learn about the phenomenon of innovation through the pitch from a founder presenting a new solution for children born premature and struggling to stay alive.

19 September 2022: "Think Different"
Apple built the wildly successful yet grammatically incorrect "Think Different" ad campaign on the images of social innovators, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs. What are some of these ways we think differently, and how might these different frames of mind help us innovate?

26 September 2022: Talking to Humans
Different ways of thinking can also benefit from different ways of connecting with and understanding those for whom we are trying develop novel solutions. Gaining that understanding means actually talking and listening to humans! Let’s dive into the design thinking process.

17 October 2022: Weird Science
The tools of science aren't just for, well, science. Thinking like a scientist—being hypothesis-driven—can also be the right frame of mind when developing novel products and new companies.

24 October: May the Force Be With You
No innovation exists in a vacuum. Instead, these new discoveries or inventions exist in the context of alternative ideas and solutions.

31 October 2022: Models & Rockstars
To be sustainable, innovations and innovators both need to find a way to pay the bills. Let’s dive into the moving parts of sustainable enterprises through a framework called the business model canvas.

7 November 2022: What It Worth to You?
Any innovation ultimately creates impact, impact which has value—whether measured in pure dollars or other terms. Yet, pricing truly novel innovations can be difficult as there might be no direct comparables in the market.

14 November 2022: Panel of Experts
Joining us today is a panel of innovators, who will share their professional journeys as well as their experiences inventing, discovering, and taking novel solutions to market.