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WHAT IS STARTUP ACADEMY? Startup Academy is a pre-matriculation program for all graduate students across the University of Virginia that will introduce topics to drive teams to develop and refine business concepts such as design thinking, customer discovery, and hypothesis-driven experimentation.

WHO'S IT FOR? Startup Academy is for all incoming graduate students at UVA (see "Who Should Come?" tab below)

WHEN IS IT? The 2021 program will begin on Tuesday, 10 August and conclude on Wednesday, 11 August.

WHERE IS IT? In-person at the Darden School of Business

HOW DO I SIGN UP? See "Registration" tab below. 

  • Who Should Come?
    • Students who are not currently working on an idea but may want to join a startup
    • Students who may have already begun working on a technology, product or even launched a business or social enterprise
    • Any graduate student who might consider an entrepreneurial path
  • Registration
    • Are you a Graduate student at UVA?
    • What experience have you had with startups?
    • Please describe what drives your interest in participating in the Startup Academy, as in what do you hope to focus on?

    The priority deadline is 1 July with acceptance  notifications sent by 7 July. The final deadline is 12 July with acceptance notifications sent by 23 July.

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